Florida Claim Crisis

Unfair Claim Practices

What you see in the insurance company TV commercials can often leave you feeling “warm and fuzzy”.    Unfortunately, the insurance industry Marketing and Claim departments commonly do not share the same goals.

What you get when you present a claim can be another matter.  You would expect to be left feeling comfortable,  ”warm and fuzzy”.  Instead, you can end up feeling more like the victim of a hit and run, “left out in the cold”.

Fortunately for insurance consumers, Florida is one of the states that have laws in place to address insurance company claims handling practices.  Unfortunately, many insurance consumers are totally unaware of what are proper and acceptable claim settlement practices and what are not.  Policyholders are often caught unaware when the claim process unexpectedly turns adversarial.  They have no clue what they do or do not have to accept in the claims process and what options they truly have.

In some states it is not uncommon for consumers to be treated unfairly in the claims handling process.  Florida is one of those states.